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Sunday, June 9, 2019

The Raptors' Kawhi Leonard Sues Nike to Regain His 'Klaw' Logo

Toronto Raptors' Kawhi Leonard filed a lawsuit against Nike to reclaim control over the Klaw logo he says he created.  Apparently, he allowed Nike to use a logo he created that includes a traced outline of his hand and his jersey number 2.  After he was drafted in 2011, Kawhi Leonard authored a unique logo that was an extension of his drawings since his early college career.  In short, he allowed Nike to use the Klaw logo on some merchandise after a sponsorship deal, but claims he never transferred the rights to them. He reportedly continued to use the logo on non-Nike products. The lawsuit alleges Nike filed an application for copyright registration of his logo without his knowledge or consent, and misrepresented their authorship of the logo on the application.

Intellectual Property theft is a serious matter. Potential violators should keep in mind that everything you do on the internet leaves a digital finger print, not mattering what names are used to hide behind.  From large corporations down to working individuals, don't think someone will not sue you and have your Uber or McDonald's check garnished.  Green is green no matter where it comes from.